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Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?

Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?If you've listened to some of my past radio reports, you know I have said for about a year or so that I think Hillary Clinton is running for U.S. President. You can listen to Fasten Your Seat Belts; Hillary is Running! here.

On August 12th, Doug Hagmann did a report on his program, Hagmann Report. He was making the point that Kamala Harris is NOT eligible for President because neither of her parents were natural born U.S. citizens.

He described a scenario where he believes there is a political triangle being purposely orchestrated by the Democratic Party whereby Biden is propped up as the Presidential nominee temporarily--as he put it, "as a place holder." Then the Dems strategically place Kamala Harris in as his VP pick and will use her "ineligibility status" later in the production. When Biden steps down (probably due to health issues), VP running mate Harris, causes strife for the party because she is not eligible to take the Presidential slot--so who will the DNC turn to?  Enter Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this week, I was discussing this scenario with a friend. He said there is no way Hillary would be installed because she has to testify in September under oath regarding her missing emails scandal. He also brought up the fact that she has no base--no one likes her. I tend to believe if Hillary was back in the picture, she would gain back her old base rather quickly.

Following this conversation the very next day, I stumbled on the following Politico article titled, "Appeals Court Nixes Hillary Clinton Deposition on Emails"--SURPRISE, she no longer has to appear under oath to answer questions regarding the email scandal. She is off the hook, again. Is this coincidental?

The articles says, "...a federal appeals court panel has unanimously overturned a lower court order requiring Hillary Clinton to provide a sworn deposition about her use of a private email account and server during her four years as secretary of State."

They ruled 3-0 that the conservative group Judicial Watch no longer had the ability to depose Clinton in regards to an 8-year-old Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Once again, the Clinton dirt has been swept under the rug. She is now free to be installed into the Presidential slot without blemish.

Will Hillary make a comeback? In my opinion, stay tuned, I think Hillary is going to come out of the shadows soon. Only time will tell.

Angeline Marie
Program Director
K-Star Talk Radio Network

The Swamp is Finally Being Drained!

The swamp is on its way out.
Excellent report by Millie Weaver!


Public Education: Waste of Tax Money

I was watching a recent report from Kaitlin Bennett's Liberty Hangout as she interviewed young people.

It made me pose the question, "How in the heck is all of our tax money for education being spent when these young people don't know answers to the most basic questions?"

The NEA should be ashamed. Our local school districts should be ashamed. How come no one is held accountable for this crime? The "dumbing down" of American youth!

Just visit the National Education Association website -- it tells the story. The homepage features the following: racism, artwork, and DACA--oh, and don't let me forget "lunch shaming."  Nothing about actually getting a real education in reading, writing, arithmetic, or history--these are subjects of the past.

If you are a parent, don't walk, RUN to your local homeschool group if you care at all about educating your children.

Don't believe me when I say our tax money is going to waste in terms of the public education (indoctrination) system?

Watch these shameful examples of your tax dollars wasted on this American public school product:


The Wall is Being Built!

You won't see this on the mainstream media--they are hiding this.
Check out this website to see the wall building progress.


Spoiled Americans That Hate Their Country Should Be Ashamed After Seeing This Video!

"3 Quick and Dirty Proofs” We’re in a Spiritual Battle

Here are “3 quick and dirty” (and I do mean dirty–literally) stories that circulated in the news this week; proofs that aren’t just about one group disagreeing with another, not just about the right versus the left, conservative versus liberal–but a “real” SPIRITUAL BATTLE–good versus evil, God versus the Devil!

Early in the week, Owen Shroyer, host of The War Room, reported how the Boy Scouts of America will be participating in an event called the “24th World Scout Jamboree” in West Virginia, August 2019. Boy scouts will gather from Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  According to a bulletin distributed by the World Scout Bureau to publicize the event, “Our three countries are getting ready to welcome our scouting friends and family to experience the theme for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, Unlock a New World.”

The bulletin goes on to say they will “share” adventures, cultures, and friendships–sounds innocent enough, right?

A story published by states, “…global Boy Scouts leadership is mandating that condoms be ‘ready and easily accessible’ for all participants and staff at a number of locations on the site.” Does this mean accessible for family, moms and dads, boy scouts and girl scouts that attend the event?  By the way, the Boy Scouts of America announced girls are now allowed to be a Scout in the historically male-only group, now called Scouts BSA.

So why in the world do they need to distribute condoms at a family scouting event? The article goes on to quote John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council and chairman of the board for a Christian scouting group called Trail Life USA. He answers the question so succinctly, “…the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event.”

So we’ve gone from the Boy Scouts of America oath that states, “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight”–to passing out condoms in the name of sharing adventure, culture, and friendship.

So, once again, we’ve taken another American tradition that is 100-plus years’ old and completely destroyed it. Where are the conservatives? Where are the Christian voices? How did we get here?

A couple of days after the Scouts story, Owen Shroyer reported on a story about how Facebook is asking their users to upload the “nude photos” they have of themselves to help Facebook help them (the FB users) fight what they refer to as “revenge porn”–(this is another topic altogether).

Yes, you heard it right! Facebook users are supposed to believe their “nude photos” will be safe and private with this trustworthy social media entity that had to testify in front of Congress last month because they were involved in sharing their users’ data in what led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal where 87 million Facebook users had their information improperly accessed.

I rather like Owen Shroyer’s solution much better, “How about you don’t take nude photos of yourself to begin with?”

Then the final proof we’re in a spiritual battle…

I was listening to Jan Markell’s recent radio show episode of, Understanding the Times; she discussed how California is working on stamping out “free speech” for Christians in particular, including the possibility of banning the Bible if pushed too far.

Leftists in California are trying to use the LGBT community to pass a “speech law” that essentially would make any free speech against homosexual lifestyles or sexual behavior in general illegal (including any relative teachings derived from the Bible).

According to a story published at, “California is just about to ban Christians from giving advice about sexual ethics based on the Bible that has been followed by billions of people for thousands of years,” said Summit Ministries President Jeff Myers.

If the law passes, it will set a precedent to muzzle anyone that teaches from the Word of God if it clashes with the World’s secular views. It would silence Christian voices by punishing them using this law–it would only be a matter of time before any Biblical teaching would be considered “against the law”–hate speech.

Will Christians start to stand up and fight this Spiritual Battle before it’s too late? What are you doing to stand up for your Christian and/or Conservative beliefs?

“Thoughts About the Declaration of Independence” by Argus Childers

When I read the Declaration of Independence, these lines jump out at me.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It doesn’t say we have the right to be happy, but it is something that we can pursue.

Satan only has the power to come to us and whisper in our ear a thought, It’s what we do with that thought. I can entice myself in some way with a thought and if I say to Satan get away
from me at the very first, I have won the battle already. But if you do as I so often do, I begin to think about it and wonder what if. Then he has me, He now has me on the run.  More often than not that run is away from God. I later find myself way down the road wondering where God is? Why am I all alone in this battle. It’s like the guy floating in the ocean, his boat has gone down and another boat comes along and they offer to save him and he says, no thanks I’m waiting for God to save me. Some times passes and along come another boat and they also offer to help him, but he again replays, No thanks I’m waiting for God to save me. Later that day a storm comes up and the guy drowns and goes to Heaven. So he goes up to God and ask him why didn’t you save me when I was in the ocean? And God replays, I sent you two boats.  How or why is it that Satan wins so many battles with only the whispering of a simple thought?  It’s because we let him win. God has given us that boat, it’s the Bible, his word.

The men that wrote the Declaration of Independence were brilliant and a lot smarter than I, but they got the first part of the Declaration wrong. It should read like this—

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of God. It should say God not Happiness. What is Happiness without God?

Satan can make us happy with sin, But it will not last. Sin is fun for a short time, but when the payment comes due it no longer is happiness.

I don’t know how many times I have LET Satan trick me with a sweet sounding whisper. Then it comes back as nothing but pain and sadness for me and often others that I have also hurt. Satan tells us we have a right to be happy.  I said I let Satan trick me because I didn’t stop him, I listened and thought, Sure why not?
I have a right to be happy and if I don’t do something about it, who will?  Then I set in motion a chain of events of sin and Satan just looks at me and laughs at me, he’s thinking to himself you fool. If you only turned to God and told me to get away you
would have beat me. He has no other power over us, he can’t make me do anything nor can he harm me in any way, his only power is to whisper a thought to us.

Argus Childers

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